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Behind the lens

Siddhartha ‘Sid’ De is an avid photographer and blogger from India, accustomed to looking at the world with his left eye shut. When he’s not wandering around his native country taking it all in through his camera, he can occasionally be spotted with a book or a steaming mug of coffee (or both), or planning a trip to some of the planet’s more far-flung places. He’s an uncompromising and unapologetic classic rock junkie, has an unnatural obsession with fine writing instruments and Nordic Noir, and is the best company around when the beer’s good.

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What’s in my bag

What started with the acquisition of the venerable Nikon D90 in 2010 has now metamorphosed into what can only be described as a bad habit. With the inevitable switch to full-frame, I eventually sold the D90 along with my DX lenses. Today, I shoot with the megapixel monster, the Nikon D810, and the smaller, nimbler D600, along with a variety of different lenses for different situations.

I've written about some of the gear I use in different blog posts. I welcome your comments, either at the end of each post itself or via my contact page.